1. Enter the URL of the YouTube video you want to convert.
2. Click the convert button and wait until the conversion is complete.
3. Download your mp3 file!

What is this site about?

TubeConverter converts your favorite YouTube music videos to mp3 files. All you need to do is to enter a YouTube URL and click the convert button. Depending on the video length and size, the conversion process may take some minutes. However, as soon as the conversion is complete, you can download your mp3 with one click.

Any limitations?

Yes, there are some limitations to make sure the system keeps running smooth.
1. You can convert up to 2 videos at the same time.
2. You can convert up to 5 videos per hour. If you need more, you must solve a captcha (this is to protect us from malicious activity by bots or hackers).
3. The maximum allowed video length is 20 minutes.

What about mp3 quality?

It all depends on the YouTube video you provide. If it's a HD video, the bitrate may be up to 192 kbit/s. Most videos have a bitrate of 128 kbit/s or less though. Simply make sure to always convert HD videos if you want the best possible quality.

Is this service free?

Yes, completely. However, we display some advertisements to cover server costs.

How to support this site?

Please like and share this site if it works well for you. Thanks!